Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Social Shuttle Scoops The Rest

It's becoming the norm-tales that appear first in the Social Shuttle and are picked up around the world from the UK's Daily Mail and Sunday Mirror, the Times Of India along with Australian tabloids.

Three weeks ago we published the exclusive story that media personality Ita Buttrose may stand for election as Sydney's Lord Mayor against the incumbent Clover Moore.

Ms Buttrose's could well sweep Moore out of office. She has a reputation for hard work and her credentials for the post are impeccable having worked for both Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer.

And Ita's profile has sky-rocketed since the tele-movie about her life, Paper Giants-The Making of Cleo received huge ratings.

Now the Sydney Morning Herald is to publish a story later today on Ita's mayoral bid as will the Daily Telegraph as our snaps of their websites show.

Even smaller tips appear here first.

One week ago we told how film director Baz Luhrmann had imported 6 superb left-hand drive vintage vehicles to appear in his $120M re-make of The Great Gatsby and lo and behold, the Daily Telegraph warmed to the theme with their exclusive photographs yesterday of Leo DiCaprio and Gatsby co-star Tobey McGuire practising driving a beautiful Duesenberg, one of two sourced from a US automobile museum.

On the 30th July we told of the drama in Double Bay when the suburb's very popular star-spotting restaurant and coffee shop, Dee Bees run by the amiable Graeme Goldberg shut-up shop, albeit as the signs on the windows say, temporarily "for renovations ". It took a full week for the Daily Telegraph and the local newspaper for the penny to drop and for them to get on board.

You read it here first!