Monday, August 22, 2011

Sexual Frenzy & Unmasking the Real Madame Arcati

Duncan Fallowell  ( Prospect Magazine)
 The novelist and travel writer Duncan Fallowell has a remarkable revelation.

In his latest book, How To Disappear : A Memoir for Misfits Fallowell says he had 40 ‘sexual partners’ in the month following Princess Diana’s death, ‘including a group of women in a naturist Jacuzzi in Brighton.’ We learn this in an interview with the writer conducted by the British Blogger Madame Aracti.
Princess Diana's funeral in 1997

The Evening Standard's Londoner's Diary has also picked up the tale :

People were impassioned but slowed right down, which are the two best conditions for sex,”. “On September 29, several weeks after all these events, I noted in my journal that I’d had 40 sexual partners in the month following Diana’s death, including a group of women in a naturist Jacuzzi in Brighton where I’d found myself by chance.“Most of the encounters had something accidental about them, and were not coarse or contrived. I’m not bragging. And I’m not going into details. But I’ve known nothing like it since and it wasn’t only me. One could hardly venture out without some interaction taking place in which strangers became friends.“It reached an airy culmination off Portobello Road around 10.30 one morning. I was on my way to buy fruit from Nellie’s barrow when a pair of eyes crossed my path, there was the look, I followed him down an alleyway and hey, presto, it was all happening, screened by the packing cases in a little warehouse behind Woolworth’s.”Well, how was it for you?

The Shuttle has read two of Fallowell's travel books : One Hot Summer in St Petersburg and Going As Far As I Can about his travels in New Zealand. That book upset the Kiwis badly which alone should be an endorsement. Both books are a superb read and Fallowell has some heavyweight fans. Graham Greene became one as did William S.Burroughs.

But researching Duncan Fallowell via the Internet we came across this intriguing piece in his Wikileak's page :

"Fallowell currently maintains a weblog Madame Arcati."

Is it true ?. We should be told.