Saturday, August 27, 2011

Putting the Gossips Under The Spotlight

Annette Sharp goes into battle with Ros Reines
It was an opportunity not to be missed : the chance to see the Australian reigning queens of gossip in action at the Secret Woman's Business lunch.
Veteran of British and Australian publications Ros Reines who writes for the Sunday Telegraph, and Annette Sharp, former TV network publicist who edits the Sydney Confidential pages in the Daily Telegraph were the guests at the ritzy Quay Restaurant.

Around a hundred ladies gathered to watch the three being questioned by Woman's Weekly editor-in-chief Deborah Thomas followed by questions from the audience.

actresses Paula Duncan & Judy Nunn
One particular table was notable for containing a number of ladies who had been subjects of the trio's tales including top publicists Brooke Tabberer and Deeta Colvin and society figures  Glen Marie Frost, Skye Leckie and Victoria Morish. Safety in numbers ?.

Ros Reines told us of some her legendary feuds that so far have included tiffs with society hairdresser Joh Bailey, Australia's Got Talent judge Kyle Sandilands and top New York publicist Kelly Cutrone and one that hit the front pages-a stand-up dressing down from James Packer at a Nine network season launch at Garden Island. The Shuttle was there on the night and it was the talk of the town : James Packer attacked Reines for writing about his personal life- an odd decision from a man whose wealth was built on publications exposing the lives other people and one that completely over shadowed the reason for the night.

Annette Sharp gave us all the details of the bicycle ride she was challenged to by Russell Crowe after she had written a story about his burgeoning weight. The subsequent story and film of the two cycling through Sydney streets went viral around the world. One of her top scoops was the news that James Packer had joined the Church of Scientology.

The occasion was voted a success by the largely civilian audience who all hoped it may become an annual event. It was the brainchild of actress Paula Duncan and in aid of the for the Royal Hospital For Women Foundation.