Friday, August 19, 2011

A Home For Leonardo DiCaprio

IT WOULD BE churlish to publish the address, particularly as we are sworn to secrecy.
We can tell you it is in Sydney's Easter Suburbs and no further than a ten minute drive from Fox Studios. Is it on the harbour?. That would be telling but water can be accessed from the house (that leaves the Harbour and ocean beaches)
Isla Fisher

We're talking about the new home for the next few months for Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio who will arrive on these shores any day now to begin filming Baz Luhrmann's 3D epic  The Great Gatsby.

Fear not though-there will be ample opportunity to see DiCaprio around town as some of the film will be shot in various locations in Sydney. At Fox Studios, Luhrmann has built massive sound stages to resemble 1920's New York and 6 vintage vehicles have been imported with left hand drive for authenticity.

Also arriving soon to co-star in the movie-Isla Fisher, married to Sacha Baron Cohen (she met him at a Sydney party in 2002), Spiderman's Tobey McGuire and English actress Carey Mulligan.

DiCaprio reprises the role of Jay Gatsby which was played by Robert Redford in the 1974 version of F.Scott Fitzgerald's book while Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan, a role taken by Mia Farrow opposite Redford. Jason Clarke and Joel Edgerton also have roles.

Leo as J.Edgar Hoover
Quite what Fitzgerald would have thought of his book being turned into a 3D film is any one's guess but DiCaprio is undeterred by Luhrmann's last rather droll production, Australia which went to video soon after release. He has only praise for Luhrmann after starring in Baz's 1996 Romeo & Juliet and is probably the big name-he's box office gold-needed for another Lurhmann production.

And the producers of bio-pic J.Edgar in which DiCaprio plays the legendary cross dressing founder of the FBI, J.Edgar Hoover have released the first pic of Leo in the role.


"talk to the hand "..Joel Edgerton and Susan Sarandon at a party in Sydney
 JOEL EDGERTON is one of the hardest working actors in Australia and with Gatsby-it will make 8 productions in which he has major roles awaiting release.
The Thing, a blockbuster Sci-Fi epic in which an alien craft is discovered at a research station in the Antarctic, is due for release during the Christmas holiday season and the word is that his acting in the Disney production The Odd Life of Timothy Green, due for release next year will bring high praise.

Here is a trailer for The Odd Life of Timothy Green,: