Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Wendi Attacks!

It was one of the most anticipated television appearances in modern time. The legendary media mogul Rupert Murdoch was to be grilled by the powerful UK Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

In the end it was more like being lashed with a damp lettuce leaf but who wasn't impressed by Rupert Murdoch's humble physical appearance that one viewer described as more like Mr Grace from Are You Being Served.

Heir apparent James Murdoch was full of sincerity with his Ivy league, well mannered and scrubbed looks. With Murdoch Sn we saw flashes of his Australian laid back humour but direct answers. And who could not have felt for him when he appeared almost on the verge of tears as he described his father, the late Sir Keith Murdoch who broke tradition when he attacked the British government over the Gallipoli disaster in which Australian and New Zealand troops were treated as useful cannon fodder for incompetent British generals.

Rupert was reminding us that there is a need for an open and fearless media to shine a light on the political machinations that are not always in the best interests of  citizens and he is correct on that.

Sadly Rebekah Brooks appearance was an anti-climax although she presented her case well.

But the winner of the day was Wendi Murdoch who sat loyally behind her hubby, at times trying to stop him thumping the table (a legendary Rupert trait) and who rushed to the defense of her man  when threatened with a custard tart (an annoying stunt that was badly timed).

While James Murdoch looked suitably shocked with a momentary freeze, Wendi jumped to her feet and laid into the tart bearer with a right hook that left the attacker wearing his own pie !

A round-up of reactions to Mrs Murdoch :

Murdoch attack: wife leaps to tycoon's rescue at hacking inquiry London Evening Standard


Piegate hits hackgate. Wendi Deng is more sprightly than the portly Met officer who ran across the screen .

And as Rupert is 80, there is one person who shines above the others as the ideal candidate to lead the mighty News Corp into the uncertain future-step forward Wendi Murdoch: Warrior Princess

PS : Thank God for spell check but it produces some odd corrections such as :
Rupoer ( as in Rupert)...Ripper !
Gallipolli  (as in Gallipoli)..Gladioli !