Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ita Buttrose : Missing In Action

Finally a daily newspaper has picked up on our tale that Ita Buttrose may be drafted in to run for Lord Mayor in council elections 9mainly ebcause we told the ungrateful bugger)

Our source is an Oxford Street businessman who represents several others who have requested anonymity.

The writer says he has had no response from his email or phone calls to Ms Buttrose which seems odd as Ita is known for being the epitome of good manners  (see : A Guide to Australian Etiquette)

Likewise last week the Shuttle received no response from an emailed request for a comment from Ms Buttrose on the claim. But why not ?. If the rumour is untrue it would be a simple matter to just say it isn't so. Silence says it may be true ! And when have we ever been wrong ?  Watch this space.