Saturday, July 16, 2011

Germaine Greer : British Culture "Rotten To The Core"

"The British find it very hard to believe what every outsider knows – that their culture is rotten to the core.".." Assange, who is about to be extradited to Sweden to face charges of being a terrible fuck. "
 Germaine Greer is furious. Her phone wasn't hacked !
  "You can imagine how crushed I am to discover that I am NOT on any of the lists of potential hackees!
My phone remains inviolate! To someone as desperate for publicity as myself, this is proof positive that I have fallen into utter obscurity. Not even in the first 4000! "
Greer continues :
"It matters not to the British commentators that Rupert M. has dumped Australia for the US. Every move he makes reveals him to be a treacherous Antipodean. Hordes of noble British workers have lost their jobs because convict-spawn Rupert has exercised his brutal power and closed the doors of the News of the World, even as it was being read to the nubs by seven million British half-wits."
 Germaine has written a piece on the new website Hoopla set up by comedienne Wendy Harmer for the over 35s. Harmer has roped in a bunch of women like Greer, broadcaster Angela Catterns and Jessica Rowe to contribute and its all rather fun.

Go to the Hoopla website here and read more.