Sunday, July 17, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

The media lapped up the Lady GaGa promotion and fell into lock step in the way that the Australian press is famed for reporting every action of the diva word for word as though it was an earth shattering news event.

Ms GaGa entered the stage at the beginning of her Sydney Town Hall concert (note to the Sunday Telegraph-not the Sydney Opera House as claimed on your website) in a wheelchair wearing a mermaid's tail.
Bette Midler 1991
'Brilliant'! they proclaimed with one voice.

One noted tabloid scribe described the colourful entertainer as "the most original performer the world has ever seen "! 
Not quite. As you can see from our pic above of Lady GaGa in her wheelchair entrance, it's remarkably similar to another entertainer-Bette Midler who 20 years ago premiered her show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre by errr..arriving on stage-in a wheelchair wearing a mermaid's tail.

Lady GaGa 2011