Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hack Watch # 1: Earth To News Corp

We know last week Lady GaGa took Sydney by storm much in the way Oprah Winfrey did late last year. However what is wrong with this report today at ?:

"IF YOU'RE into pop music, it doesn't get much better than Lady Gaga. Lada Gaga at the Opera House
And as far as live shows go, it doesn't get much bigger or better than Lady Gaga in such an intimate venue as the Sydney Opera House.
With a guest list of just over 1000 people - most of whom were competition winners - a select group of less than 200 celebs packed the venue balcony for Lady Gaga's only official Sydney show last week.
For the occasion, the iconic venue was renamed the Sydney Monster Hall - a reference to Lady Gaga's legion of fans"

This is Sydney's "iconic venue" the Sydney Opera House :  

and this is the Sydney Town Hall dubbed "Sydney Monster Hall "
last week for Lady GaGa's concert

We reckon they look different.

question for 'Insider' : which one these two is Lady GaGa and which one is a journalist who got their facts wrong ?