Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did Rebekah Make a Secret Visit To Sydney?

Alexander Tristran Duff Brodie
The endless round of product launches in Sydney can be tiring at times, especially when what passes for the social media in this town present some very dubious characters as 'socialites'.

Brodie Castle
How pleasing then to be invited to the annual Brodie Clan get together -The Grand Bannockburn Ball at the inner west suburban Petersham Town Hall. We sent a Shuttle operative along to get a few snaps and a short film.

 The Brodies are a clan whose origins are slightly obscure as the rival Gordon Clan pillaged and burnt Brodie Castle near Inverness in 1645 destroying their historical records. They were like that these Scottish clans. Always at war with each other.

That castle was re-built and still stands today and is run by the Scottish National Trust. You can rent out apartments in it for the weekend.  The landlord of Brodie Castle and the 27th Chief of Clan Brodie   flew in from Scotland as a special guest for the night. He's the wonderfully named Alexander Tristran Duff Brodie who wrapped himself in the new Brodie Clan flag for our cameras.

But on viewing some film of Alexander being piped in something caught our eye. He's accompanied by a tall flame haired woman who looks suspiciously like Rebekah Brooks the Fleet Street Titan just released from police questioning.
Did she make a secret visit to Sydney 3 weeks ago ?. Looking for a bolt hole, knowing her collar was about to be felt by the Old Bill?. The Murdoch's are another Scots clan and Uncle Rupert did famously say when asked what his first priority was.."to look after her !" We should be told.

Petersham celebrates an erection.