Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sophie Serafino-By Royal Appointment

Resting in Copenhagen after a triumphant appearance before HRH Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark on the weekend violinist Sophie Serafino has been telling her Facebook pals that she was "so starstruck" meeting the Royal pair that she "forgot to curtsy"

nice-a Peacock feathered lampshade !

Two weeks ago the Shuttle was privileged to attend a party at the Sydney Opera House for a preview of Sophie's new show that she has now taken on world tour. At the same time she showed off an amazing gold violin that has become part of her act.

Sophie sashayed her way into the Utzon Room and dramatically seized the gold violin from a plinth (while three nubile young ladies tried to prevent her) and launched into her exciting act. The act really has to be seen live-which the European audiences are now doing and lapping up.

Sophie also launched her new CD ‘The Gold Violin’ by cutting a 3 tiered gold lacquered cake.

In fact the Utzon Room room was filled with amazing if ostentatious gold objects that came from Sydney's most mysterious and unique shop Royalty Prussia in William Street, East Sydney. It has a gold encrusted coach in it's front window. Apparently our favourite Russian oligarch Rustam Tarikoa shops there.

Here's a small clip of Sophie performing at the Sydney Opera House :