Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Web Find

Madelaine Zammit of South Australia who is only 16 has a net hit on her hands with this song that is zooming up the youtube charts.

The Shuttle was alerted to it a few days ago after a reader saw our piece on Cody Simpson who hit the big time in the US after he was spotted on youtube by an American producer. Our reader thought that there were similarities in Simpson and Madelaine's voice.

Quite a few blogs have published the video as well as the Sydney Morning Herald. We reckon Madelaine has a hit on her hands with this song about the problems one can face on Facebook etc. And she has a great voice.But why isn't she on Australia's Got Talent ?. She would give Jack Vidgen a run for his money.

Appropriately she has her own Facebook page with 6000 members :