Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fashion Special-Airline Flights-What They Are Wearing #1

In these troublesome times with ash clouds from Chilean volcanoes interrupting airline flights and a controversy swirling around the USA over searches of travellers by the TSA, how pleasing to see someone has chosen to make life easy for harried airport officials by choosing this sensible outfit in which to board his flight.

The gentleman, who was happy to pose was snapped by a fellow traveller at San Francisco airport (where else?)  and the picture was sent to the local newspaper The San Francisco Chronicle.

You will note he wears a comfortable electric blue bra type top and bottom with a contrasting camisole that can be easily whipped off in the summer heat and sensible stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

A simple necklace sets off the outfit with high heel slip on shoes all the better for easy removal on long haul flights. Combined with a tasteful plain black carry-on hold all means our traveller can alight from his flight, refreshed and head straight for the office or that important business meeting.

More at The San Francisco Chronicle.