Saturday, May 7, 2011

A World First-Online Movie Premiere

Reese Witherspoon & Robert Pattinson
st Friday's premiere
Attending the launch of Water for Elephants at the State Theatre last night was always bound to be a gruelling affair.

 Especially with the film's stars , the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon and heart throb Robert Pattinson in attendance. Pandemonium duly broke out with police having to hold back dozens of wailing teenage girls demanding a piece of Pattinson.

How refreshing then to see the first on-line launch of a new movie Me Me Me written and produced by pop impresario Jonathan King (left)

It's the tale of mysterious drawings and graffiti that appear all over London ala Banksy and signed Baby Draw. A London tabloid work experience journalist is sent by the editor to track down the perpetrator of the art works and when she finds him-a good looking lad named Johnny Bambino (played by Henry Stansall) they embark on a love affair. After the trainee hackette pens an article about Bambino, he becomes a huge pop star

The movie pokes fun at much of the current shallow celebratory obsessed society and there's a nice twist at the end. It's a colourful and light hearted musical-the producers describe it as :
"The Rocky Horror Show meets Mamma Mia"
From the opening song Don't Let Him Touch You by The Angelettes (performed by The Sirens)
 the pace never lets up.

And amazingly-it's a freebie !. You can watch it on-line or download ( as we did) and play it on your large flat screen with the sound at top level. You'll love it !

Watch or download Me Me Me at the movie's website .
Here are The Sirens with Don't Let Him Touch You.