Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rumour Mill #2

# Which TV host had a blazing stand-up row in the street of a posh suburb recently when the representative of a media organisation refused to interview that host in the boutique of their choice because they supply the host with outfits for their TV show. It nearly came to fisticuffs.

The interviewer preferred neutral ground and suggested a local coffee shop only to find themselves on the receiving end of a "don't you know who I am ?" tirade. Perhaps the TV host should remind themselves that fame is fleeting!

# Which Eastern Suburbs society figure with a substantial country holding was only boasting a month ago that they had received free "human fertiliser" to the tune of $80K's worth from the State government anxious to unload the load of s*it!.
Human fertiliser going cheap
When the great "poo scandal" hit the front pages of the tabloid newspapers 2 weeks ago in which it was claimed dozens of people were becoming ill from farm products that used 'human fertiliser' our society pal went strangely silent.

Perhaps readers should avoid  a certain over -priced inner city charcuterie which proudly stocks meat from our friend's estate.

#. Which mainstream telly news host went strangely silent when their female co-host made some very funny jokes about a celebrity's hair piece after they had just appeared in a news item?. They basically called the famous actor a 'goose' for wearing the rug.
She obviously hadn't noticed their co-hosts expertly enhanced follicle adornment. He quickly changed the subject while she chortled on.
 ## On the subject of celebrity spats the Shuttle couldn't help but notice an item in the latest Latte Life newspaper in it's Bitter Dregs column and a small mysterious piece that says :'Charlotte "I'm a Celebrity" Dawson'. What can it mean ?. Perhaps Sunday Telegraph columnist Ros Reines, a friend of Charlotte's will illuminate us tomorrow.

### On the subject of rugs and enhanced follicles, read Vanity Fair's examination into Donald Trump's hair with it's 360 degree view courtesy of our favourite New York pal photographer Patrick McMullan who has been snapping the Trump for over 20 years.
According to Private Eye magazine, Barack Obama has demanded to know if "Donald Trump's hair is real and if so that he should provide the proof" !