Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Facebook Legal Woes

An interesting story into today's Sydney Morning Herald brings us news that the popular Herald web writer Ben Grubb has been arrested after he filed a report on the social network Facebook.

The head of Queensland's Fraud Squad Brian Hay has said that the police are "still cutting our teeth in the rapidly evolving online environment."

He has described the receiving of a photo taken from a Facebook profile without the owner's permission is like "receiving a stolen TV set"

While this is sure to be a test case and may not even get to the courts, it's clear that Facebook will be facing legal challenges from all angles. Earlier today we wrote of the unidentified Melbourne celebrity who may be suing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg personally for the publishing of defamatory statement about them on a false Facebook profile.

The SMH also carries a story today of a "men only" Facebook club that deals in purloined profile photos of scantily clad females.
To date persons have been charged with criminal defamation on Facebook in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Is it time to consult your stockbroker over those Facebook shares in your portfolio?.