Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Fallout : Julia Gillard Insulted

Is it the beginning of a new News Corp attack upon another Labor Prime Minister ?. After they took down Kevin Rudd 2 years ago with their sustained broadcasts at everything that came out of his mouth, the ghastly Fox News channel and Sean Hannity in the USA have insulted Julia Gillard's choice of headwear to the Royal wedding (below). They reckon it looked like a Venus Flytrap !

On the plus side, fashion commentator Melissa Hoyer who can cast a critical eye when necessary gave the PM the thumbs up with her Carla Zampatti outfit, while she was reporting from The Mall for the Seven network.

Who made the PM's flytrap ?. Hoyer speculated that is was either Paddington based Neil Grigg or Woollahra milliner Jane Lambert.