Friday, April 29, 2011

Reality Bites For Glam Pair

They're a couple who live a glamorous life-attending the right parties and swanning about with plenty of baubles and toys.
Oliver Curtis & Roxy Jacenko

Roxy Jacenko is one of Sydney's top publicists and her boyfriend 25 year old Oliver Curtis, son of one of the countries top corporate high fliers is a young man about town-good looking and seemingly rolling in money.

She drives an Aston Martin, he the latest Range Rover.

They just bought a $6.6M house in chic Woollahra and Roxy has been sporting a $200,000 engagement ring.

She wore it the Cleo Bachelor Of The Year bash she organised at Ivy last week and at the Hermes beach party at Nielsen Park in February.

Roxy runs the top PR firm- Sweaty Betty and she and her equally gorgeous sister Ruby Jacenko have been likened as an Antipodean answer to  Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky.

Ruby Jacenko

The Shuttle mentioned in it's report on the Hermes' party that although the pair looked jovial, Oliver may soon face some sort of enquiry in respect of his pal John Hartman, son of society obstetrician Dr Keith Hartman, who was jailed for 4 and half years last December for insider trading.
Now the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the enquiry may soon be under way. It's claimed that Hartmann who confessed to making nearly $2M profit from his illegal enterprise may have passed on financial information to Curtis so he could benefit.

 Hartmann is in protective custody and it's reported has agreed to give evidence against Curtis.
Read more at the SMH.