Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Most Expensive Book In The World

After the ninth guest rocked up in a Ferrari the Shuttle gave up the count.

Shindigs at auto showrooms usually follow a pattern. A mixture of social faces, a show biz star or two and handful of people that buy the product. We just didn't realise how many Sydney-siders can actually afford these Italian toys. Even a pre-loved model will set you back well over a quarter of a million dollars.

Last week's party at Nevile Crichton's Waterloo showrooms was fairly unique. Twenty of the guests were Ferrari drivers.

The bash was to launch the Ferrari Opus limited edition- an 852 page book bound in red leather. There are three versions of the tome-the Enzo, Classic and the piece de resistance-the Cavallino Rampante that comes with the the diamante studded Ferrari signature stallion on it's cover.

The first two can be bought for about $250,000 each while the Cavallino Rampante will be auctioned for charity and is expected to fetch well over a million dollars.

The three books feature some superb photographs from over the years of Ferrari's racing history or appearances in advertisements and movies and lots of snaps of the legendary Enzo Ferrari . His office at the Ferrari headquarters in Italy is untouched and remains just as it was when he passed away in 1988 as an homage to the great auto designer.

Kerri Anne Kennerley was on hand to pose with the book and there's one Ferrari Opus book for every country.

Not sure how that will go down in Botswana but it should be a hit in the Middle East. The ultimate coffee table book for the Sheik who has everything.