Monday, March 14, 2011

The Wit & Wisdom of Rupert Murdoch !

 An Occasional Series:

2004 : Speaking to shock jock Alan Jones on Radio 2GB Sydney :
 "The Iraq war is going swimmingly. I expect oil to be half the price by next year "

Oil price: 2004 : approx $40 a barrel
               2005: approx $70 a barrel
               2011:  approx $98 a barrel

2010 : Speaking at an Australian Smart Business series of lectures after being introduced as "one of the most successful Australian businessmen ever"

"in a few years it will be possible to have all the energy we want from economic cheap nuclear will be safe..there will not be an energy waste problem..we don't have to rush into a lot of mad schemes fouling up the country..windmills and other crackpot ideas...."

2011 : Headline in The Sun newspaper- flagship News Corp publication (prop: R.Murdoch)

"Nuke meltdown threat amid 2nd blast warning"