Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PI Monte Gives It All Away & Prince William Party Endorses Him

soon to be ex-Premier Keneally & Prince William
The famous private investigator Frank Monte who is standing for this Saturday's NSW State election has announced that if successful he will donate his yearly salary of $170,000 to a number of charities including Breast Cancer, St Vincent De Paul and an AIDs charity.

Monte says he has been  financially successful over the past few years and derives a comfortable income from a number of ventures so will not take his parliamentary salary.

With back room jockeying heating up Monte finds himself in the fortunate position of being courted by a number of independent candidates and parties anxious to do preference deals.

One-the NPMP, the No Parking Meter Party has already offered to direct preferences to Monte and this is when candidates often find themselves in the winning seat.

With the NPMP fielding 18 candidates our calculations show the PI could pick up over 30,000 preferences and may well take a seat in the Legislative Assembly.  He's also received an endorsement from the Monarchist League nicely timed to co-incide with HRH Prince William's successful tour of QLD.

With voters turning on the ruling Labor Party and with the Coalition expected to take power, voters often hedge their bets in the upper house where they may vote against the party they voted for in the lower house-the Legislative Council. Whoever rules NSW, they usually have to negotiate with a hostile upper house to pass legislation.

And if Monte finds himself a law maker in NSW where will that leave him in the infamous Versace trial where nearly ten years ago Donatella Versace claimed in the Aust Federal Court on oath that she had "never used drugs" while just a few years later gave an interview to Vogue Magazine saying that she had been "addicted to drugs before and after her brother Gianni's murder".

 Donatella and Santo Versace sued Monte over his book claim that the mafia had murdered Gianni Versace. Now the powerful Anti- Mafia Office in Rome have opened a case file on Gianni's murder and one person has already been arrested. The top US CBS show "48 Hours" recently contacted Monte and are preparing a special on the Versace empire which promises startling revelations.

This story is just beginning....