Monday, March 14, 2011

Maria Reveals Even More Than Usual

She's not the shyest gal in town- Italian Australian singer Maria Venuti, she of the colourful outfits and the ginormous bosom.

Maria has hit 70 years of age and she's happy to tell everyone about it with a tell-all book : A Whole Load Of Front.

She told the Shuttle on Friday that she had an affair with the late American entertainer Don Lane.

It was an affair she had forgotten about as it happened in the 70's when she kept detailed diaries written in shorthand. Maria had forgotten how to read shorthand over the past 30 years and recently had them translated while researching her book and the memories came flooding back.

La Venuti is a regular in the clubs around the country and has a big fan base in Italy, Greece and Dubai where she is regularly flown to by Emirates Airlines.

Maria was also entertaining at the Cornucopia Committee's charity day at Swifts. She just started her set as the Shuttle left to the sounds of Volare screaming over the treetops of genteel Darling Point. Windows were being shut furiously.

Here's a treat for you-Maria singing All That Jazz !