Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jackie's Star Rises

Jackie Weaver is planning to re-locate to Los Angeles to take advantage of the numerous offers of work that have flowed in since she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as the tough matriarch of a crime family in the film Animal Kingdom.

Despite not winning, Jackie says the experience has been a life changing force just at a time-she is 64, when she thought she would be retiring.

"All the best roles really are here in the States and I've always loved American films" said Jackie who is still in the US with her husband Sean Taylor.

"I've been offered several projects , three film roles, three TV series and one mini-series and my agent says he has a pile of credible scripts for me to read".

Jackie attended the Awards on Monday wearing a especially made Collette Dinnigan gown and $800,000 worth of diamonds which she reluctantly handed back the following day.

"I was amazed by the offers of outfits to wear to the awards  but I wanted to wear something uniquely Australian" she said. " I would have loved to have kept some of the jewels but I've got by to date without them."

Meanwhile Jackie's former husband broadcaster Derryn Hinch revealed today on ABC Radio 702 that he has been diagnosed again with liver cancer. Hinch said he had was given 12 months to live after the first bout which he successfully fought off but will now be once again be receiving chemotherapy.

Hinch said he had no regrets about a lifetime of boozing :"I enjoyed it at the time. I've had a wonderful life-no matter what happens in the future."