Thursday, March 17, 2011

Armistead Maupin's Snub at Weird Restauarnt

Armistead Maupin & Christopher
 Famous American write Armistead Maupin who was in Sydney recently as a guest of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras has told of how his partner Christopher was refused entry to the men's room in an Alice Spring's restaurant by the name of Bojangles

Christopher had asked to use the gents and was told the restaurant didn't have one and after pointing out an obvious sign that said "MEN'S" not far away was told "that's for real men only".

The Shuttle met Armistead while he was in Sydney and if we had known he was heading for the interior we would have warned him. The Northern Territory and Alice Springs have a shocking record of racism against the Indigenous community who lived there for eon's before white men ever entered the scene and especially this hokey lot with it's embarrassing mock American diner named after an American street performer.

 Maupin wrote the series of novels Tales Of The City set in San Francisco which were turned into a successful television series. The TV series was way ahead of it's time and precursor to hit shows like Queer As Folk.
He is regarded as one of the great American writers.
But what was he doing in Bojangles ?. One look at it's website shows what a ghastly place it is crammed with idiotic pseudo American West decor with pictures of motorbikes, real guns and silly half-saloon type doors.

It even insults the memory of a real outlaw who bucked the system-Ned Kelly ( it has long been rumoured that when the bodies of the Kelly Gang were recovered from the Glenrowan shoot-out they were dressed in female clothing)

One can also buy stylish souvenirs like a stubby holder, t-shirt or jacket emblazoned with the Bojangles logo although the Shuttle has always been perplexed why anyone buys a garment that advertises a business. Surely they should pay you to wear it ?

And hopefully a sick bag comes with the menu which features Camel, Crocodile, Kangaroo, Emu  and  presumably for "the real men" (read- big fat truck drivers and overweight tourists ) : " For the serious meat lovers there are six steaks available including "The Big Bugger", a 600gm T-Bone steak and Bo's famous Beef Ribs." There is a delicious irony in the fact  a restaurant that insults a gay man also proudly features a dish named The Big Bugger !

A stomach pump costs extra and take your Medicare card in case of that inevitable heart attack after shovelling that much meat down your throat !