Sunday, February 20, 2011

World Premiere-Dr Zhivago, a New Musical

London may have Anna Nicole The Opera but Sydney tonight had the world premiere of a new $5.5M musical : Dr Zhivago with a star studded red-carpet opening.

Launched at the newly re-furbished Lyric Theatre at the Star City Casino, the Lucy Simon scored musical received a rapturous standing ovation from the audience. Anthony Warlow's (as Yuri) vocals were superb.

Michael Scott-Mitchel's sets are an achievement-from lavish room settings to war torn street scenes with real snow, the pace is set in the first scene that moves quickly and never slows.

Lucy Maunder as Lara is a treat while Taneel van Zyl as Yuri's wife Tonia puts in a superb performance.

Lucy Simon

Rob Mills

Director  Des McAnuff whose Jersey Boys has been a smash hit has another success on his hands.

 Simon's music is romantic and perfect, never waning and there is that much needed memorable song, the musical's refrain Now which will be in your mind for long after.

Mrs Russell Crowe-Danielle Spencer
With great lighting and terrific costumes by Teresa Negroponte-will this be the beginning of a trend for out of town preview runs ? . Sydney as the new off-Broadway ?. We hope.

 A little over a week ago the Shuttle brought it's readers the news that despite talk that the production had come to a standstill, the Baz Luhrmann planned re-make of The Great Gatsby was still on the cards.

Luhrmann told the Shuttle's contact at a New York dinner to honour Geoffrey Rush that he had 2 Hollywood studios competing for the movie.

And that he would shortly decide which studio to go with.

Now the secret is out- The Great Gatsby is to be a Warner Bros production but the big news is that the 3D film will be shot in Sydney at Fox Studios with Australian government backing.

Maria Venuti does Dr Zhivago