Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great Scacchi :"Driven out of my Dream Home"

Australian actress Greta Scacchi and her family have been driven out of their million dollar country cottage in England over a dispute with neighbours.

According to the UK Daily Express newspaper the dispute has cost the actress nearly $300,000 after she and the owners of a neighboring stables battled in court over the surfacing of a private road owned by the actress but used by the stables:
Greta, Carlo & Mateo at the 2009 Flickerfest in Bondi (c)
“I have loved this valley since my golden childhood memories and chose to raise my children in this simple idyllic cottage,” she told the Daily Express.

“It should have been a refuge, a peaceful family home, but our harmony has been so compromised that I was recently forced to move my family to get away from the stress the situation has caused us.”

Greta, her husband Carlo Mantegazza and their 12 year old son Matteo and Scacchi's daughter Leila have moved into rented a house in nearby East Grinstead. The family regularly travel to Sydney to visit Greta's mother who lives in the Sydney suburb of Randwick.

Read the full story here at the Express.