Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dannii and Friends

Courtney Act with Dannii & Kris
To Matt Moran's Aria Restaurant balcony for a small party to launch Foxtels' Danni Minogue: Style Queen, a three part documentary series following Dannii as she prepares to embark on one of the biggest challenges in her career and a brand new chapter of her life – launching her brand-new fashion range Project D.

Dannii allowed cameras access in the run up to her dream business at the same time juggling all the other important elements in her life; TV, music, writing her autobiography,red-carpet events, modelling, her boyfriend Kris Smith, travelling between London and Australia for Australia’s Got Talent – and her most important job – impending motherhood.

Dannii was in top form and she was joined by partner Kris  and her partner in Project D Tabitha Somerset Webb with a surprise visit from Courtney Act who has just returned from a tour of the USA and the UK. We loved Kris's spectacles even though he admitted he doesn't actually need them but they do make him look intelligent.

One small faux pas - Dannii having a Tony Abbott moment  when responding  to a question while being interviewed : "sh*t happens!"..not a popular phrase today.

Dannii also revealed that she is eager to have another baby.