Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Cold As Ice"

 Is the Shuttle's office cat Mildred Pierce psychic as we believe ?. We regularly place a host of celebrity snaps before her and where her paw lands we know a tale about that famous face is in the ether. And so it came to pass twelve days ago as a calico paw landed on Oprah Winfrey's beaming face :

On Saturday 12th February after we reported on Oprah Winfrey's amazing love affair with Australia reciprocated by the local media, and that the famous biographer Kitty Kelley gave another side to looking into the lives of the rich and famous. Now a tale hits the headlines about a former lover of the great media star who has described Oprah as "cold as ice":

"Kitty Kelley — It always happens. The day after your book is published you meet someone who says, "Oh, I wish I'd known you were writing that biography. I could've told you about ...." Fill in the blanks here with some hair-raising incident you did not have in your book, despite years of research and hundreds of interviews. Never fails
Shortly after the paperback publication of Oprah: A Biography last month, I received an email from a man, gently chiding me for my vaunted investigative skills. "How come you didn't find me?" he teased. "I was Oprah's lover back in the 1980's and lived with her for four months before Stedman came on the scene."

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