Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Chance To Ask Tony Those Difficult Questions

" Get out of your homes and attack them in the streets, you people who love Moamar Gaddafi'".
Does Tony Blair love the soon to be ex-leader of Libya ? They look pretty pally in our snap.

You will get a chance to ask Tony soon when he visits Sydney Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane on his first Australian speaking tour. Blair who was prime minister of Britain for 10 years is one of the " most respected , engaging and in demand speakers of our time ". (according to the press release ).

Anthony Pratt

He's being brought to Australia by Anthony Pratt who inherited the Dick Pratt billions when his father died in 2009 along with Vizy Industries-the largest privately owned cardboard packaging company in the world. Apparently the two Anthonys are good friends.

This won't be  Blair's first visit to Australia. He's been twice-before he was PM. Once to see his good friend the former premier of WA Dr Geoff Gallop and to attend a Rupert Murdoch get-together on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. The rumour goes that it was then he cemented a relationship with Murdoch and a promise of future support even though then Aussie PM Paul Keating advised  him it would be an 'unmanageable ' relationship.

Tony Blair was appointed Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East when he resigned as PM in 2007 which should present a few challenges for him at present although he's been fairly quiet on the subject.

If you want to go and hear Blair's speech you can get tickets via Melanie Hendra at or phone 612 9699 2000