Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yeah Yeah !-Shane's Hair May Go Viral

He may be listed  in the cricket bible, Wisden's Cricket Almanack as one of the five greatest cricketers of the century but one British TV guest had some unkind words about Shane Warne on a YouTube clip about to go to viral heaven.

Sadly Warne's own chat show bit the dust just weeks ago before he was really given a chance to shine despite having the sort of high profile guests any presenter would die to interview. Fortunately Shane still has his lucrative Advanced Hair Studios contract to fall back.

However Australian born publisher Carmen Callil of Virago Press isn't too impressed with Aussie cricketers or their hair and uttered the almost forbidden word on the hugely popular British BBC program Newsnight demonstrating a distinct lack of solidarity from the publisher of female writers including the famous Margaret Atwood.  
Pink News is outraged :