Monday, January 10, 2011

Tragic Day for Top Models

Ashley & Jessica Hart
On Thursday the Shuttle brought you the story of how gaped tooth model Jessica Hart will be replacing Jennifer Hawkins at the G'Day Australia USA promotions in LA. Jessica is in high demand in the USA and is well on the way to becoming as popular as new mum Miranda Kerr.

Today Jessica and her equally beautiful sister Ashley are recovering from a distressing scene they witnessed at an up-market Portsea Polo event in Melbourne on Saturday.

As invited guests of the polo committee the 2 models toured the various sponsor's marquees throughout the day and were later resting by the field when one of the polo horses tumbled right in front of the pair. Before they could comprehend what was happening, a quick tent was erected around the unfortunate horse and Jessica and Ashley were startled by the sound of a gunshot as the animal was put out of it's misery.

Both girls were highly distressed as the truth dawned. Last night they cancelled an appearance at a lavish dinner planed to celebrate the day's matches and instead, dined at a local Portsea pub with a few close friends.