Sunday, January 9, 2011

Justin Drops Natalie Imbruglia for Younger Model

Courtney Chircop
 Now that Natalie Imbruglia is back in the UK after a brief romance with Sydney nightclub king Justin Hemmes, a new girlfriend has appeared on the scene-top model Courtney Chircop

Hemmes, said to be worth around $500M with his burgeoning hotel and nightclub empire that employs over 2000 people, met 20 year old Courtney at a dinner party 2 weeks ago and she accompanied him to the  wedding of the L.J. Hooker real estate empire heir, Januz Hooker at Ulhuru last week.

Justin Hemmes
Friends say the 2 were all over each other at the wedding reception and once back at their hotel, didn't surface for 24 hours until their flight back to Sydney.

Courtney was discovered on the 2008 TV reality show Make Me A Supermodel and thus, she has become one with Elle McPherson's agency Chadwicks snapping her up. 

And a scandal that cropped up during the show didn't affect her career. It surfaced  that she and 2 other girls at the snooty West Australia high school they attended had tried to sell a mobile phone sex tape video.

"As soon as it happened I was over it the next day and it hasn't held me back one bit " says Courtney.