Wednesday, January 12, 2011

exclusive : Michael Jackson - It Was An Accident !

A missive arrives from the Australian lawyer Victor Zammit who authored a book titled : A Lawyer Presents The Evidence For Life After Death
Mr Zammitt now retired, is a sort of psychic detective and seeks proof of the afterlife. He's on the hit-list of various skeptics organisations but beavers away to prove we will continue after this plane of existence. On his website you can read 'what happens when you die'.

In his message Victor has invited the Shuttle to attend a demonstration of  
'physcial  mediumship" in which various things will happen-trumpets blaring, tables tipping , musical instruments played by spirits,  flashing lights and such. Even more exciting there promises to be 'materialisations'.

The seance is to be conducted by 2 gentlemen, Tom and Kevin  from The Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination in Toulouse in France.

Freddie's hand
A quick visit to their website reveals some remarkable testimonials. We were particularly drawn to one from Isabelle Duchene from Belgium who attended 2 seances and was privileged to see Freddie Mercury's hand appear from under a curtain !. She knows the hand belonged to Freddie because:
"spirit has confirmed it was the hand of Freddie Mercury the lead singer of Queen. Freddie sang with us on the song that was played, 'don't stop me' now that was made famous by the group "

Mr Zammit himself has left a glowing tribute after one seance he attended where  Michael Jackson appeared with the following words :

'Hello! My name is  Michael Joseph Jackson: I've come here today..
This is very difficult..difficult for me. I have  come back today to say there will be no recurrences with people who have been accused of my death. I did not commit suicide. Although I take full responsibility for my death. There should be no charges brought from anybody. I am totally responsible for my passing.  That is all I wanted to say. And I will carry on my work from this side of life. And I hope that the world will listen this time. Thank you ".

Anyone have a contact number for Dr. Conrad Murray ?

On Monday preliminary hearings took place to determine if Murray should stand trial for involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death in June 25, 2009. When the case is dropped-remember you read it here first.
Here's Freddie Mercury singing 'I Want To Break Free' which he did do eventually.