Friday, December 31, 2010

A Very Nice Chrissy Present

Sargeant & Ferrari
Every girl should treat herself and that's just what marketing expert Sharon Sargeant has done after successfully selling the escort agency she set up 18 months ago.

Sargeant, a country girl from Queensland is shaping up to be one smart cookie. 
The world was alerted to her when she started dating the famous private investigator Frank Monte around 4 years ago. Frank threw a party at the uber smart Otto's Restaurant on the Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo to introduce her to Sydney and around 14 months ago they became engaged at the very same spot. 

Then Rupert Murdoch's Daily Telegraph discovered that Sharon owned an up-market escort agency Red Velvet Models. Sharon says she manned the telephones and organised the lives of the models working for her and checked out the credentials of the prospective customers.

A wardrobe malfunction that happened after Sharon and the girls had a night out to see Lady Ga Ga and went partying in Kings Cross was splashed across tabloid pages around the world.

Soon she was appearing again in newspapers from Sydney to Delhi when Ms  Sargeant  was discovered dancing in Las Vegas with one of the USA's top porn stars Claudia-Marie (beware-it's an adult site). 

Finally a controversy blew up in British newspapers after raunchy pics appeared of the British Rugby team setting off in a million dollar gin palace from the very same wharf in Woolloomooloo.
Sharon meets the English Rugby team
 Sharon had been spotted and photographed talking to the footballers in a restaurant earlier in the day before she farewelled them off in the boat with some scantily clad models.

But it seems Sharon had ulterior motives all along.
When we contacted her today she confirmed she had sold Red Velvet Models to a US firm and was pondering  her next business move.

they sail off into the sunset
"It was always my plan " says Sargeant " I always planned to set up the business, promote it like crazy until it was a success and then sell. I get bored easily and I'm always looking for the next business venture"

And it seems the business paid off. Our snapper spotted Ms Sargeant a few days ago in the Bondi Westfield car park about to clamber into a gleaming new black $400,000 Ferrari.

"I treated myself for a good year's work" says Ms Sargeant.

As to her future plans :"I'm looking around for opportunities and have a few in mind" she says. " One is an adult product supplies service-most of them look terribly old fashioned and I think I can whip the industry into shape quick smart "

Sharon and Monte have moved out their Icon apartment in Kings Cross into the Toaster building near Circular Quay where they plan to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks. 

"Frank and I still date and go to parties together but he's spending more and more time in the US and I always travel with him " says Sharon  'He's a fascinating man and being around him is never boring".

Will she be assisting with his Upper House bid in the NSW March election?.
"I should put my marketing skills to work but actually he's pretty good himself and I haven't really followed state politics. But Frank would make an excellent MP as he would ensure that other MPs would remain honest given his background"
 Perhaps I should have asked advice from the 2 state MPs who were customers of my last business" she says.


Leo Sayer
Santa & Rabbi

Showing why he's been dubbed " Mr Double Bay" in a suburb with a large Jewish community, Dee Bee's owner Graham Goldberg threw his famous Christmas drinks party on the 24th and made sure he had all bases covered.

Joining guests like Leo Sayer, actor Michael Caton and around town ladies Marie Sutton and Angela Belle McSweeney- a Santa Claus and a Rabbi !