Monday, December 6, 2010

Vale Mr Squiggle

Norman Hetherington the creator of the famous Mr Squiggle character on ABC TV has died in Brisbane at age 89.  Mr Squiggle was a pencil nosed marionette who lives on the moon, as one does. 
He squiggled drawings sent in by viewers with his nose. He first appeared on television in 1959 and the show ran until 1999 making it the longest ever local TV show.
Long before Jim Henson, Hetherington created a series of puppets -the first Mr Squiggle being operated from below like Henson's puppets later were.

Norman Hetherington began life as a cartoonist and illustrator appearing in The Bulletin alongside artists like Norman Lindsay. Not every kid loved Mr Squiggle-some were terrified of him, especially when he roared off in his rocket ship back to the moon !