Friday, December 24, 2010

High Court Judge Supports Gay & Lesbian Wedding Album

The Potential Wedding Album is for same-sex couples who would like the option to get married in Australia. Inclusion in the album is to show support for marriage equality, currently a hot topic that has got many Australian politicians in a real tizz and heading for the hills - except notably The Greens who support same sex marriage as one of their main policies. Dr Bob Brown, their leader  is openly gay and lives with his male partner,

Bob Brown
With that in mind, as volumes of The Potential Wedding Album are completed they will be printed and delivered to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard  and the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott and other members of the Australian parliament, to highlight the couples who are treated unfairly by the marriage laws in this country. 

They should make ideal coffee table books for Mad Monk Abbott, a conservative Catholic !

The project has already got some major supporters including former High Court Justice Michael Kirby who retired in 2009 after exiting the closet quietly in 1999 when he listed his long term partner in Who's Who In Australia as Johan van Vloten.

Johan van Vloten & Justice Michael Kirby
Kirby came in for criticism from shocked  conservative circles but stood his ground even after a botched attempt to falsely stitch him up over the alleged use of Commonwealth chauffeured limos to pick up rent boys at Sydney's notorious Wall, a male prostitute haunt.  

It was  discovered the ComCar records being bandied about that purported to show Kirby's movements were fake with the result that then Prime Minister John Howard offered an unqualified apology in Parliament.

 Since retiring, Kirby has toured the world  lecturing at law symposiums and speaking on equal rights, particularly for young gays and lesbians.

If you want to show support for the Potential Wedding Album you can sign up here

And go the albums to view many of the couples who have signed up and contributed their photos. The albums are quite charming.

## One budding politician who is openly supporting same sex marriage is the famous private eye Frank Monte who will be standing for NSW's Upper House in the March 2011 state election. 

Frank Monte

Brought up a Catholic in an Italian family in Egypt, Monte says although his political views are fairly conservative, he believes personal liberty is one of the greatest bastions of a free society and he supports the freedom of people of any orientation to get legally hitched-at St Mary's Cathedral if that's what takes their fancy !