Sunday, December 12, 2010

exclusive : Oprah Winfrey flees Sydney Hotel After One Day

The Toaster
She arrived on Saturday morning in her private jet having flown from Melbourne, and checked into the Hotel Intercontinental. 

But last night while Oprah Winfrey held court and wined and dined her 300 American guests in a marquee opposite the Sydney Opera House, our spy disguised as a Louis Vuitton hold-all reports assistants packed up Oprah's luggage and transported it to the controversial Toaster building where the Big O returned to after the party to spend the next few days in a luxury apartment on the top floor.

She didn't last one night at the Intercontinental and no-one in Camp Oprah is saying why. Nor will they talk about the absence of actor John Travolta who as the Qantas world-wide ambassador was to fly Oprah's 300 guests to Australia. Travolta never arrived.

Bennelong Apartments (the Toaster) was built in 1998 and gained it's nick name because of it's resemblance to a kitchen appliance. 

It is only one block from the Intercontinental and boasts spectacular views of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. It was dogged by controversy during it's construction and critics deemed it to be one of Sydney's ugliest modern buildings.

 One bonus for Oprah-on the ground floor of the Toaster is chef Matt Moran's award winning restaurant Aria (left) where a welcome dinner party will be held for her on Monday evening (naturally with the Shuttle in attendance)