Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camilla Franks new model : Oprah Winfrey

Oprah at her Sydney party last night

Kaftan designer Camilla Franks goes from strength to strength. After opening a new store in Paddington just 3 months ago, an assistant for Oprah Winfrey waltzed in on Friday and snapped up a dozen gowns for Winfrey  to wear whilst in Sydney and for the holiday she plans to take in the Northern Territory after filming 2 shows at the Opera House this week.

Last night Oprah threw a bash for her 300 American guests at Mrs Macquaries' Chair. A huge fenced off marquee shielded out prying eyes (except the Social Shuttle of course).

Since arriving the Americans have been swept off their feet after the surprise trip was sprung on them during Oprah's US show 8 weeks ago. They've travelled to Ulhuru in Central Australia, Byron Bay, North Queensland and attended non-stop parties and harbour cruises and then laden with goody bags of products.

Camilla Franks (second from right).

 Frank's designs sell in 300 outlets around the world. She has a boutique on the luxury liner The World and is planning to open stores in St Tropez and Miami.

# One detail overlooked by the media salivating on every movement of the Big O is the absence of movie star John Travolta who was to pilot a new Qantas 787 transporting Oprah's US guests.

He was booked into the Hotel Intercontinental and 6 security guards had been hired to watch over him whilst in Oz. Now he's gone  MIA with nary a word of explanation from Camp Oprah.