Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Big O Tour-Oprah Winfrey's Crazy Back & Forth Movements

Yesterday she quit the Hotel Intercontinental for a luxury private apartment on the top floor of the Bennelong Apartments-known as the Toaster, now the Big O is back at the Intercontinental after partying at the Park Hyatt Hotel until 3 am this morning.

After hosting a party for her 300 American guests in a marquee in the Botanic Gardens, Oprah Winfrey left around midnight with a small group of close friends to continue partying at the Park Hyatt Hotel which is directly opposite the Opera House.

Police blocked off most of the roads in The Rocks where the Park Hyatt is situated and no vehicle could approach the hotel.

As a guest of the NSW Government, Oprah is being accorded the status of a diplomatic visitor which guarantees her all the recourses of local police on top of the 12 round the clock armed security guards she employs. Apparently she takes the threat of kidnap or assault seriously and is taking no chances.

The Park Hyatt Hotel
And with that in mind, the fact that members of the general public where able to freely walk in and out of the Park Hyatt upset Oprah's minders and the great lady herself.
Now she is maintaining 2 resting places to keep would be kidnappers-or perhaps the paparazzi at bay. The local fans who wait outside hotels for stars will have to take their choice over the next 4 days-The Toaster of the Intercontinental.

Or they can just read the Social Shuttle for the latest update !