Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tracey Emin's Dud Dinner Party

It was billed as the dinner party of the social season for art connoisseurs. A chance to meet and sup with the
enfant terrible and leading light of the YBAs ( Young British Artists) Tracey Emin at just $750 a snip.

Sadly it wasn't to be. There were 5 takers in all. The dinner was cancelled due to 'lack of interest'.

Art consultant Amanda Love was to host the bash at her Woollahra home where she is also showing Emin's latest works. The art show, along with the cancelled dinner is to raise money to benefit the collection of contemporary Australian art at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Emin has been in town for a fortnight now and her art is for sale but you have to go through Ms Love to purchase a work. Or know the right people who know Ms Love and wangle and invitation and you will be granted the rare privilege of being able to purchase a Emin art piece.

 Tracey Emin swept to prominence in 1999 when she was nominated for Turner Prize after exhibiting My Bed which was apparently her own unmade bed surrounded by condoms and blood stained underwear.

My Bed
Her wikipedia entry says she was "raped at the  age of 13 . In a "loosely autobiographical" film to be made of this event she only asked, in true documentary fashion, that "The extras will all come from Margate and I'll hire a church hall there to hold auditions. I'll ask each of the girls: 'What is it you really hate about your mum?'."

It's no surprise that Elton John and George Michael are collectors of her work.
Tracey, who returns to the UK early next week has given 2 talks-at the NSW Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Others who may wish to view her works will have to track down Mizz Love's house and press their noses up against her living room window.,