Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Strange Case of Monte's Roller

The Rolls in happier days

It was one of only three imported into  Australia. A 1972 Rolls Royce Corniche with coach work by the exclusive British firm Mulliner Park Ward. Purchased new by the noted private investigator Frank Monte when he topped the world record for tracking down errant spouses when the majority of gumshoe work involved divorce cases. With it's sleek blue lines and dark windows it was an impressive sight around the streets of Sydney.

Monte sold it on for a more nimble Ferrari which he shipped to the USA when he set up office in New York.
That was also a rare sight around the boulevards of the Big Apple, so much so that he was once bailed up by actor Nicholas Cage who offered to buy it from him on the spot.

But back to that Rolls Royce. It's been sitting in the Cross Street car park in smart Double Bay for well over 6 months, covered in dust and unregistered. A sad end for a car that can still command a price of up to $80,000.

In it's present state it's become the subject of local gossip. No-one knows who owns it and it can't be moved by the car park owner without the owner's permission. Monte himself is not interested in it's fate. He's shopping around for a more sedate BMW.