Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quentin Crisp Lives! time for the Equal Love March !

Victor Zammit (left) is an Australian lawyer who is also a Spiritualist who attends regular seances and publishes a website AfterLife Evidence with news direct from the other side.

Zammit gets into regular biffo  with the sceptic magician James Randi. Both offer million dollar prizes-Randi's for  anyone who can produce definitive proof of an afterlife while Victor offers likewise for anyone who can prove there is no afterlife. No-one has yet claimed either prize.
Now Zammit has published an extraordinary story-a tale of a seance he recently attended where the Stately Homo Quentin Crisp speaks during the seance with some comforting words for gays & lesbians (and presumably trans genders) just in time for today's Equal Love march and demonstration in Sydney to support Same Sex Marriage.

In Quentin's own words:
"One of the reasons that I come through is to prove that even homosexuals live beyond death... It proves that the Catholics are speaking out from where the sun doesn't shine. Why, pray, would you not live beyond death because you're homosexual. There's lots of ignoramuses ..."

Quentin sounds slightly odd in this recording from the seance. But so would you if you passed away in Chorley-cum-Hardy in Manchester and woke in a suburban Sydney living room to find yourself chatting via a gentleman with a taped mouth and roped to a chair ..listen for yourself :

Perhaps pop impresario Simon Napier-Bell can put these words to music as he did with this 2008 recording (9 years after Crisp died)- Quentin's disco song Velvet Summer Nights: