Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oprah Winfrey Does The Crocodile Rock

As the Social Shuttle exclusively reported on the 10th October, Oprah Winfrey in the Greatest Journey Ever Taken will be holidaying on Hamilton Island and has booked the penthouse for 2 days.

  Oprah treats her entire staff from the show to an annual all expenses paid vacation but doesn't always join them, or if she does, often stays in a different hotel. Hamilton also has it's own zoo with lot's of local animals which Oprah is sure to visit.

Now news has reached us of another adventure for the 300 lucky Americans who will be flown to Sydney courtesy of a (fully functioning ) Qantas jet with Hollywood star John Travolta at the joystick.

Step forward little Bindi Irwin and her Australia Zoo.  Bindi has won the hearts of  American TV viewers and looks like being an even bigger star than her dad, the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. She regularly hosts shows at the zoo along with her little brother Bob who was once dangled as baby by his dad over a pit of snapping crocodiles.

Some of the American troupe will be visiting and filming at the Zoo in Beerwaq Queensland and Bindi will be interviewed by Oprah on her Opera House show along with possibly her  mother and little brother,

One of Oprah's former favourites who will not be featured is the gardening guru Jamie Durie. While Durie who appeared on many Oprah shows and Winfrey remain friends-the Shuttle was at a James Durie furniture launch when the great woman phoned through to congratulate him-he hosts a US version of his Outdoor Room on the HGTV cable station, a direct competitor to Oprah's new OWN network that begins in 2011.