Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mrs Lachlan Murdoch Sacks The Firm !

It was gaffe that was seen by a relatively small audience by Foxtel's cable TV standards- around 180,000 viewers on the night.

Sarah Murdoch, the gorgeous supermodel wife of Lachlan Murdoch  (son of Rupert Murdoch) announced the wrong winner of the Australia's Next Top Model contest. Youngster Amanda Ware won the title-Mrs Murdoch announced the winner as Kelsey Martinovich who was actually the runner-up.

Kelsey received a $25,000 consolation prize while the clip of Sarah's mistake went viral around the world.

When the Shuttle revealed the story on the 29th October we speculated that "at least the boss can't fire her". Particularly as husband Lachlan Murdoch and dad-in-law Rupert own a controlling swag of shares in the Foxtel network.

Sarah did one better. She sacked the production company Granada Media Australia who produced Australia's Next Top Model and hired a new firm Shine TV which happens to be owned by Sarah's sister-in-law Elisabeth Murdoch. Keeping it in the family, as one does.

Meanwhile Sarah's husband Lachlan and his partner James Packer who have purchased 17% of the Ten Network have hit a stumbling block with a new player in the game.

Bob Brown

Australia's richest woman , the billionaire Gina Rinehart has snapped up 10% of Ten which may put the mockers on Lachlan & Jame's ambitions to control the network.

And Bob Brown, leader of The Australian Greens has announced a whole raft of policies to diversify Australia's media and  says he will introduce legislation into Parliament to keep all sports broadcast on free-to-air television.

Rupert Murdoch, currently attempting to wrestle control of the UK network BSkyB also wants more sports broadcasts for the Foxtel Network and is currently lobbying the Labor Government to make that happen.
The Greens  hold 9 seats in the Senate- the balance of power-and Labor will have to do some  heavy horse trading if they want to get any of their own policies past them in the Upper House.

Elisabeth Murdoch & Matthew Freud
 Rupert described the party as "those bloody Greens" in a speech in October and his newspaper The Australian in a bizarre editorial threatened to "destroy the Greens".
Perhaps it's time to call on the assistance of his son-in-law Matthew Freud, (currently in Oz with wife Elisabeth) who has been described as 'Britain's most powerful public relations expert".