Friday, November 5, 2010

exclusive: TransGenders, Gays and Lesbians new hero: Frank Monte !

Private investigator Frank Monte has announced he will be standing for election to the NSW Upper House in the March 2011 election.

Frank Monte at NSW Parliament House
 Monte says lobbying for equal rights for same-sex couples will be high on his agenda if he's elected.
He will run as an Independent for a seat in the State Legislative Council.
It is a political return of sorts for the former policeman and businessman, who in 1973 and 74 stood for Liberal Party pre-selection for the seat of Coogee and the now-abolished seat of The Hills.
Mr Monte was also involved in the political campaigns for the Fraser, Howard and Greiner governments.

Although on the conservative side of politics, he said he wanted to "push for the NSW parliament to get with the times and legislate equal rights for gay and lesbian couples" - one of several key platforms of his election campaign. He also wants to do away with Lord Mayor Clover Moore's controversial bike lanes that have taken over the inner city.

Clover Moore & Bill Clinton
The Shuttle did a straw pole today amongst residents of the inner city and found the bike lanes that run through Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and along Macquarie Street are one of the most unpopular decisions of the usually popular Clover Moore who is also the Independent MP for the seat of Sydney.

Local businesses have been scathing of the lanes that have separated the roads from pavements and have seen around 400 parking spaces disappear over the past few months.

 Monte also says he wants to make it easier for Sydney's burgeoning night clubs and entertainment venues to obtain the required government licenses, cut red tape and work with police and security personnel in solving problems with troublemakers rather than punish venue owners with restricted drinking hours as the present Sydney City Council is advocating.

Monte's campaign manager released some  of the talking points  Monte will be discussing over the next few months which include :
•Equal gay/lesbian family law and all rights.
•The abolition of bicycle lanes in Sydney and the implementation of bicycle registration.
•More Police presence and higher wages for Police, nurses and ambulance personnel.
•Wider personal rights and civil liberties.
•Less government and restriction of over-legislation.
•Less city and shopping centre parking restrictions.
•Curb the big banks' autocratic attitude re; rates and foreclosures.

unpopular-bike lanes
 Clover Moore has  basically ruled unchallenged now for several years in her dual roles as a State MP and as the Lord Mayor of Sydney with popular support amongst the estimated 500,000 gay and lesbian population but some of her latest decisions have angered even her most ardent supporters.

With an election quota of around 170,000 votes needed to gain a seat in the upper house, the dog collar wearing MP may find her supremacy challenged by  private eye Monte.