Thursday, November 25, 2010

exclusive : Police Called In After Paparazzo Death

Peter Carrette

Michael Caton
Following our story about the sudden death of well known paparazzo Peter Carrette, the Shuttle hears that police have now been called in to investigate.

Carrette, one of Australia's most experienced and well liked snappers was found slumped over his computer work station on Monday morning. It is believed he died on Sunday evening.

Jack Thompson
Carrette's body was removed on Monday afternoon with a number of paparazzi forming a guard of honour as his coffin was carried from his beachfront flat in Bondi Beach. Later that evening several of those photographers noticed flickering lights coming from the window of that flat and what appeared to be a figure moving about the rooms.

Police were called and attended but no-one was found in the apartment. Carrette had tens of thousands of dollars worth of expensive camera equipment and police are now investigating to see if anything is missing.

On Friday a memorial service is being held for Carrette at the Bondi Pavilion. Two of his best pals, actors Jack Thompson and Michael Caton are expected to give eulogies.