Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Will Oprah Winfrey Strip Off in Oz ?

After our earlier report that Sydney body artist Eva Rinaldi wants to paint one of her amazing artistic creations on Oprah Winfrey when she visits Oz this December, news come that Eva has received a phone call from one of Oprah's staff asking for more details.

Eva was quoted in the Mosman Daily newspaper on Sydney's North Shore where she lives as commenting on the 3.15am phone call which woke her up:

"`At first I thought is was a joke, I was mumbling and jumbling my words as I was half asleep on the phone,’’ she said. ``You know that feeling when you get butterflies in your stomach; that’s how I felt. I asked them for the details five times just to be sure I wrote it down correctly.’

As you can see from this Elenor Tedenborg photograph of Eva's work, the artist's plans are already well advanced with this look-a-like- Taaleah Jezierski who along with 40 other volunteers were daubed with local inspired designs when they turned up to Bondi Beach a fortnight ago.

You can join Eva's facebook page here and help boost the plan to get Oprah to agree to be decorated Aussie style. Let's kick along the plans to make the Greatest Journey Ever Taken the most memorable for Oprah Winfrey and her local fans.

And don't forget-all that amazing publicity the local tourism scene will get with Oprah's visit!