Saturday, October 23, 2010

Was Heath Ledger Murdered ?

A startling claim has been made that Aussie actor Heath Ledger who died in 2008 was murderd by a mysterious group called the Star Whackers who are knocking off Hollywood celebrities.

Actor Randy Quaid who was released on bail in Vancouver, Canada today along with his wife Evi says the Star Whackers assassinated Ledger, David Carradine, who was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room last year and brother of Sean Penn, Chris Penn who officially died from heart disease in 2006.

Randy & Evi- the Star Whackers are after them !

Plus 6 others are known to Quaid to have been murdered by the group.

Randy and Evi were under arrest in Vancouver on an immigration violation but have now applied for asylum in Canada after claiming the Star Whackers are hot on their trail.

But who are the other Hollywood Six, murdered by this shadowy group ? For more go here.