Saturday, October 2, 2010

'Talk Isn't Cheap-It Can Move Mountains'

Should He Be Held to Account ?

It's one of the logo statements for this long weekend's Festival Of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House from 2nd to 3rd October.

A range of fascinating speakers will be appearing.
Geoffrey Robertson QC will discuss ' Sins Of The Fathers-Should The Pope Be Held to Account ?" with high flying US Lawyer Alan Dershowitz (he's the one who defended accused murderer Claus Von Bulow).

The controversial philosopher P.W.Singer will tell us how we are 'Wired For War' and writer Tariq Ali will inform us of What We Learn From Terrorists.

There are heaps more talks with well known people and this is always a fascinating event.
Tickets are cheap-from $20.
Check out the official website for more information here.

Tariq Ali (above) and Alan Dershowitz (right)