Monday, October 25, 2010

Molly Vs Melly : Pensioners Come Out Swinging

As we reported 2 days ago British writer and all round colourful character Molly Parkin is to release her latest book, an autobiography titled Welcome To Mollywood.

But all hell has broken loose via the pages of the UK Daily Mail over her revelation that she was invited to slip into bed by a former lover as he lay dying, George Melly, author, singer and one of the world's great jazz musicians,

Melly's widow Diana Melly who is 73 has taken great umbrage to Molly's (78) claim in her new tome.

 George Melly died in 2007 from cancer at age 80. He had refused all treatment and his last days were filmed for a BBC documentary .

By co-incidence, just last week the Social Shuttle picked up a copy of Melly's last book Slowing Down in the local St Vincent De Paul op shop in a sale to aid a new charity in honour of our first Saint, Mother Mary McKillop.

It's a rollicking read as Melly tells all about his love affairs. We haven't yet got to the pages that describe his fling with Molly Parkin or his claim that he screwed a British male member of Parliament when both were youngsters at the snooty Stowe School. George described the MP in a British tabloid as a "dud f*ck".

Diana Melly is much aggrieved but her attack on Molly Parkin really makes Welcome To Mollywood all that much more enticing. Order a copy now at Beautiful Books.